Weekly Special

“Deuces” is this weeks special; it is stuffed with beer cheese, and bratwurst, then topped with Swiss and bacon. Meaty and full of flavor, just what you expect from Scrud’s!

Call 801 392-4782
252 Historic 25th St, Ogden, UT 84401
Monday          11:30am – 9pm
Tuesday          11:30am – 9pm
Wednesday    11:30am – 9pm
Thursday        11:30am – 9pm
Friday           11:30am – 10pm
Saturday      11:30am – 10pm

Customer Reviews

Hands down the best burger I've had on 25th street. They stuff the burgers with all kinds of different things. The fries and sauces were awesome and the service was fantastic. If you are feeling brave you can try to eat their 5 pound burger in an hour.

I'll be coming back again with the family. Very clean, family friendly place.

Jason T.

Best hand cut fries I've had! Very friendly staff, clean environment. Love the spicy chicken sandwich. Will definitely be back.

From a passionate foodie.

Jordan P.

Scrud Burger challenge offered and accepted. It was a 1 pound burger with a delicious garlic flavoring that sent my wife several counties away. Family ran and everyone was friendly and attentive. It is on the pricey side but whatever.

I did try a sample of their hottest hot sauce and it packs a delicious punch; but I've conquered the ghost chili and it wasn't as hot so no need to fear.

Chris G.

I just ate the scrud burger and threw down! Best burger in Utah! I will be back soon and I'm going to bring lots of friends!

Braden D.

Best burgers anywhere, hands down! When I found I they reopened in Ogden, I decided I had to take a road trip. Man how I missed these burgers! I even got to eat my favorite special, The Diablo. I will be making more trips to Utah, thanks to Scrud's. I love everything about this place!!

D. A.